Action Alert: Call Your Rep. TODAY, 10/13 to Stop S2015!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14th, 2015, the Massachusetts House of Representatives will vote on S2015: the Title Insurers’ bill to confiscate our constitutional property rights and curtail our right to sue to regain illegally foreclosed property. This is the same bill as S1981–it was renumbered after it passed the Senate in September. Today, we need to let our State Representatives know that S2015 is bad for Massachusetts homeowners, families and communities!

Late Friday afternoon, we learned that S2015 had been quietly scheduled for a vote tomorrow. MAAPL is holding a Call-In Day today, Tuesday, October 13th. Your Representative needs to hear from you on this bill! MAAPL will file amendments and fight hard to stop this bill’s bad elements, but your call urging your Representative to oppose the bill and to support MAAPL’s proposed amendments will help us win. The Legislature couldn’t take away our rights last summer–They won’t be successful this year either.

Read and download the updated Fact Sheet on S2015 here ( PDF )

Please make your call and/or send your email now! Choose from one of these three quick messages…

Vote NO on S2015.  It doesn’t clear title to illegally foreclosed homes:

  • S2015 strips us of our constitutional property rights and reverses key court decisions enforcing vital mortgage contract rights.
  • 68,000 Massachusetts homeowners were illegally foreclosed in the past 10 years. Banks must be held accountable for their illegal foreclosures.
  • The loans on most Massachusetts homes foreclosed in the past decade were illegal and the homes were over-priced. Denying these homeowners the right to the full time period to sue is unfair.

Don’t know your Rep’s phone number or e-mail address?
Go to, and type in your street address. It will tell you who your elected officials are. Scroll down the page and click on your Representative’s name to see their phone number and email address. Make a note of this information so you can make your call and send your email to them.

Thanks for making your call and sending your email–together we can win against the threat of S2015!


The Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) is a coalition of over 60 housing counseling agencies, legal services groups, social service agencies, and community-based social action groups that have joined together to address the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts. MAAPL collects and distributes timely information on the foreclosure crisis and its effects to the public and to its member groups, drafts and supports legislation that provides important protections to homeowners and tenants facing foreclosure and eviction, documents the impact of the foreclosure crisis on local communities, networks with related organizations throughout the Commonwealth, and provides tools and information to help people navigate the legal system and advocate on their own behalf more effectively when challenging a foreclosure or eviction in court
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