How to Find Your Legislators

When MAAPL and other organizations post Action Alerts, there is often a request to contact your state or federal representatives to request an action or to support a position on legislation or policy. If you don’t already know who your representatives are or how to contact them, check out these links (these pages will open in a new browser window or tab):

MA State Legislature/General Court Search Page

“Contacting the Congress” Web Site

Other Resources

The U.S. Government publishes a lot of information on the Web that you can use when making calls and writing letters and e-mails to your elected representatives. It’s also a good idea to do your own research on an issue so you can make a solid and informed argument when contacting your representatives or speaking about an issue with friends and at social gatherings. Here are some collections of government information resources on the Web:

The Library of Congress’ “Government Web Resources” Page

Austin Peay State University’s “Government Resources on the Internet” Page

Washington State Library’s “Federal Government Resources” Page

If you have any additional resources to suggest, please contact us with your links and other information.