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Lost your home to Foreclosure?

Did you know most foreclosures were illegal?

You have 20 years to reverse yours if you…

Act Now: Save your Right to Regain your Home!

In November 2015, Massachusetts’ Governor signed An Act to Clear Title to Foreclosed Properties. It doesn’t actually clear anybody’s title to their home. It just takes away rights to regain your home. The Financial Industry pushed through and will enforce their law. BUT you can protect your rights…

Act by February 23rd, 2017:

For hundreds of years, Massachusetts residents have had 20 years to reverse an illegal foreclosure, but the Financial Industry’s “Act” drastically reduces the time you now have to sue. Although MAAPL will file a lawsuit to ensure that the new “law” (now known as Chapter 141 of the Laws of 2015) is declared invalid, you should take action to preserve your constitutional property right to reverse your foreclosure.

MAAPL offers you materials, support, information and guidance on some simple steps to protect your rights, but you must act before February 23rd, 2017!

What does this mean for me?
If you were “foreclosed” in the past, the new law says you have only one year—until February 23rd, 2017—to file a document in the Registry of Deeds in order to maintain your traditional 20 year right to sue. (If the foreclosure deed—including any future foreclosures—for your home was recorded after January, 2014, you will have three years to similarly file from the date that the foreclosing party records the foreclosure deed.)

Everyone must file an affidavit—MAAPL has samples and knows the steps you need to take. If you ever filed a challenge to the foreclosure in a court case, your document should include that court filing.

You must protect yourself and your home during whichever time period applies to you. Why? When a third party (i.e. not the bank, Fannie Mae nor Freddie Mac) buys the property, the foreclosing bank will claim that the third party now has title to the property. The bank will also then claim you can never get that property back.

BUT you can make sure this new law and the banks NEVER take away your rights!

MAAPL will work with you to:

  • Ensure you take the necessary steps to retain your right to sue;
  • Show you how your mortgage and/or foreclosure were illegal
  • Show you how to reverse the foreclosure.

We’ve helped many other foreclosed homeowners, and we can help you!

MAAPL can help you to:

  1. Complete an intake form with us so you compile all the facts to fill out an affidavit (We will also identify the information to include showing that the foreclosure was illegal);
  2. Record an affidavit stating that the foreclosing entity didn’t record the long form with the foreclosure deed in your case. You have to understand everything in such an affidavit because swearing to an affidavit is based on your personal knowledge;
  3. Connect with an attorney to certify the affidavit. We’re recruiting and training dozens of attorneys around Massachusetts. Somebody near you will be available to look over these materials and add very simple words to certify it;
  4. Record the certified affidavit and, if necessary, any attached documents at the Registry of Deeds for your County. MAAPL is organizing people to go in large groups to file their affidavits—we will also coordinate that step with you.

If you are indigent (on limited income) under Court standards, the Courts will likely cover the filing fee. If not, it costs $75 to file the affidavit. Please contact MAAPL even if you are worried about the fee.

In addition, MAAPL will arrange a sliding scale for homeowners to pay attorneys based on ability to pay. We ask that people pay the full amount if they can, so that other homeowners who were completely wiped out by foreclosure and unable to rebuild their financial lives can get an attorney’s help for a lower fee.

MAAPL is organizing information sessions, complete with individual time to review the most basic illegalities common in foreclosures. You will leave the session knowing what was illegal in your foreclosure. We will arrange dates for large groups to go the same day to Court if you had/have a court case. We will also arrange dates for large groups to go to your local Registry of Deeds, so everyone will have support and help to complete their filing and protect their rights.

Take the first step: stay in touch with MAAPL!

Please contact MAAPL immediately. Use the Contact Us form on this web site or email us at We will get you information and materials, and put you in touch with an attorney who knows how to certify these affidavits and make sure all your materials are ready to go.

You must record your affidavit before February 23rd, 2017. Don’t put it off! Take action today!

Thousands of people will be trying to file their affidavits by the deadline. MAAPL wants to coordinate and organize this process to help as many people as possible file successfully before February 23rd, 2017. Let’s make huge headlines and put banks on notice that their ability to destroy the lives of people in Massachusetts is over!

Please share this information with anyone you know who has been foreclosed or is facing foreclosure! MAAPL needs your help to get the word out to the thousands of foreclosed homeowners facing the loss of their right to sue.

Retake Our Homes! Join MAAPL!