MAAPL and NAACP Present Illegal Foreclosure Workshops

WAFTactionMay 2015 Illegal Foreclosure Workshops in New Bedford and Worcester, with MAAPL and NAACP

UPDATE: New workshops are being added to our schedule! See below for new locations and dates!

  • If you are in foreclosure, DON’T LEAVE!
  • If you are the homeowner, your legal right to stay does not end with foreclosure!
  • If you are a tenant in pre-foreclosure, you have the right to stay post-foreclosure for at least a few months, and maybe MUCH longer.

Subprime mortgages and wildly overpriced homes laid the groundwork for the largest wealth grab from people of color since slavery!  It is still going on today, with people who are diligently paying overpriced subprime mortgages to avoid foreclosure.

Want to understand how this happened?
Know anyone who was foreclosed?
Know anyone fighting to save their home from foreclosure?
Know anyone still paying on a greatly overpriced subprime mortgage?

If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, come to one of these informative workshops with the NAACP and the Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL)!

May 18, 2015 at 7 p.m.
NAACP Building
95 Cedar Street, New Bedford, MA
Presented by NAACP of New Bedford and MAAPL
Download a flyer for this workshop (PDF)

May 28, 2015 at 7 p.m.
1 Salem Square, Worcester, MA
Presented by Worcester NAACP and MAAPL
Download a flyer for this workshop (PDF)

May 30, 2015 at 10 a.m.
Messiah Baptist Church
80 Legion Parkway, Brockton, MA
Presented by Brockton Chapter NAACP and MAAPL
Download a flyer for this workshop (PDF)

Bring your stories, your sense of justice, and if you are dealing with a subprime mortgage, or have been through an illegal foreclosure, bring all the legal paperwork you can put your hands on and plan to stay late.

Subprime mortgages (often referred to as “mud people” or “ghetto” loans) were targeted at communities of people of color and female heads of household.  Between 2005 and 2009, the vast majority of subprime foreclosures happened.  The median wealth lost in African American communities between 2005 and 2009 was 53%–more than half the wealth.  In Latino households, 66% of the wealth was taken.  In Asian households, 54%.

It’s time for us to come together, learn our rights and turn the tide on the injustice of foreclosures and predatory mortgages!

For more information about the New Bedford workshop, contact Bruce Rose (508) 728-8189, or Grace Ross at the Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending at 508-630-1686.

For more information about the Worcester workshop, contact the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team at 508-614-9238, or Grace Ross at the Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending at 508-630-1686.

For more information about the Brockton workshop, contact Sharon Little, Brockton Chapter NAACP, at 774-360-5536, or Grace Ross at the Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending, 508-630-1686.

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UPDATE: Press Conference Tomorrow, May 12th, at Noon at State House!

Friends! We need you at the State House a little before Noon tomorrowTuesday, May 12theven if you can only come during lunch for the Press Conference/Rally before the hearing on MAAPL’s bills!

  • Foreclosure activity is WAY up–we’re looking at 2012 levels–there has been a 77.3% increase in the 1st quarter of 2015 over the 1st quarter of 2014.
  • The big banks are continuing to violate the law and illegally foreclose on homeowners–we need to alert the world, the legislators, and especially the Judiciary Committee members!
  • We have legislative and organizing strategies going on the offensive at the very foundation of what the financial industry did/does, finally!
  • The banks are on a counter-offensive–they have re-filed Senate bill 1987, NOW Senate bill 882! They will no doubt try to stop us from protecting the municipal ordinances as well.

We made a major show of force last summer–let’s build on it! Meet us at the State House on May 12th at Noon for a Press Conference and rally in support of Massachusetts homeowners and against the big banks!

If you can’t make it Tuesday in person, PLEASE call your legislators on May 11th or 12th!

A simple call can make a real difference:

“Hi, my name is… from <your town>. Foreclosures are up 77% in the 1st quarter of 2015! Please support anti-foreclosure legislation such as MAAPL’s bills, and oppose S882, which would slash homeowners’ rights to reverse illegal foreclosures.

We need homeowners to be able to rent post-foreclosure; we need one Court to review all foreclosures and really clear titles for homeowners and purchasers, we need to enforce our rules for property ownership in the Registries of Deeds, we need cities and towns to be able to protect their residents from vacant and degrading properties and more….

Join us at Noon at the State House on May 12th! And please call your legislators today!

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Action Alert: Hearing for 5 MAAPL Bills on Tuesday, May 12th!

ForeclosureprotestCome One; Come All! Make your presence felt and get the Massachusetts foreclosure laws changed!

The Legislature’s Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on five of MAAPL’s anti-foreclosure bills this Tuesday afternoon, as well as the NEW version of the BAD bill (was S1987, now S882). We need you and all your friends at the State House to show your support for Massachusetts homeowners!

Download and Share this flyer for the hearing–help us
spread the word

Date/Time: THIS TUESDAY, May 12th, at 1:00 pm
Location: State House, Room A-2

  • Want homeowners to be able to rent their house post-foreclosure?
  • Want one Court with judges who actually want to review foreclosures?
  • Want parties claiming to have your mortgage in the registry to really have it? To have to record assignments and foreclosures in a timely manner?
  • Want cities and towns to be able require certification and cash bonds from foreclosing entities?
  • Want judicial foreclosure?

Show your support for MAAPL’s Bills at this hearing!

Here are the Fact Sheets for each of MAAPL’s bills that will be discussed at this hearing, as well as an overview of all of the bills MAAPL filed for this legislative session:

2015 MAAPL Legislation Fact Sheet (DOC | PDF)

Preventing Unnecessary Vacancies Fact Sheet (DOC | PDF)

Foreclosure Review Court Fact Sheet (DOC | PDF)

Judicial Foreclosure Fact Sheet (DOC | PDF)

Vacant, Foreclosing and Foreclosed Property Fact Sheet (DOC | PDF)

Reliable Land Title Fact Sheet (DOC | PDF)

IMPORTANT: We also need to say NO to stripping homeowners right to sue to regain their home post-foreclosure! Make it clear to your state legislators that bill S882–the new incarnation of bill S1987, which MAAPL and its supporters defeated in the last session–is bad for Massachusetts and unfair to homeowners!

If you’d like to testify in favor of MAAPL’s bills or against S882, please contact Grace C. Ross (617-291-5591) or e-mail as soon as possible to let us know you’ll be attending and submitting your testimony. Your testimony can be written or oral. You’re also welcome to attend the hearing to support the bills without testifying.

Join Us At The State House!
Together We Can Make a Real Difference!


For more information, contact Grace C. Ross at 617-291-5591 or

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What Does a 323% Increase in Foreclosures Look Like?

Massachusetts is experiencing a startling increase in foreclosures–a whopping 323% rise in the foreclosure rate in the past year! What does that look like in your county? Click on the links below to view maps showing the November and December 2014 auctions and petitions to foreclose (the first step in the MA foreclosure process) for each county:

Barnstable County

Berkshire County

Dukes County

Essex County

Franklin County

Hampden County

Hampshire County

Middlesex County

Norfolk County

Plymouth County

Suffolk County

Worcester County: Auctions | Petitions

Worcester County has been hit so hard that we needed two separate maps to show all the auctions and petitions clearly!

Concerned about this precipitous rise in foreclosure activity? You can help by urging your State Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor of MAAPL’s priority bills for this legislative session. Please call today, and help us protect Massachusetts homeowners from illegal and unnecessary foreclosures!

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Action Alert! MAAPL Bills Need Co-Sponsors–Contact Your Legislators Today!

5:00pm this Monday, February 2nd, is the NEW deadline for our State Representatives to sign on as co-sponsors of bills.

MAAPL has three Priority (and 9 total) pro-people, anti-foreclosure bills, and we need legislator co-sponsors for them all!

TODAY–Thursday, Jan. 29th–is our CALL-IN DAY! Please call your own state Representative (and any other ones you have clout with!), and ask them to co-sponsor our bills. Calling your Senator is also helpful although there is no deadline.

Last summer, our calls and advocacy stopped S1987 from curtailing our right to sue if illegally foreclosed on. This year, let’s put new rights and good programs in the place of bad foreclosure practices! To do that, we need as many legislative co-sponsors as possible.

Here is a Summary Fact Sheet ( PDF ) if you want more information about these bills.

It’s quick and easy: Just follow these steps…

1. Look up your State Representative’s phone number. If you don’t know who your Representative is, go to, and enter your address. When the response screen displays, scroll down to the “District Representatives” box, and find your State Representative’s and Senator’s name there. Make a note of their names.

2. Call the State House switchboard at 617-722-2000, press 2, then 0, and ask to be transferred to your Representative’s office.

3. When your Representative’s aide answers the phone, use this sample script to request that your Representative co-sponsor our bills:
“Hi, may I speak to Rep. XXXX’s office?

My name is XXXX and I am from {xxxx city or town or xxxx organization}.

I have been dealing with foreclosure issues for XXX years and I am asking, please, that the Representative co-sponsor at least 3 critical bills now:

– Post-forelcosure rental for homeowners #HD3200. Since passed, post-foreclosure rental for tenants has been VERY successful, but much of the state needs homeowners to be covered too to benefit.

– Pre-foreclosure mediation #HD2615. CT’s program is providing 91% of participants an alternative to foreclosure.

– Foreclosure Review Court #HD3525. This bill provides a way to actually clear post-foreclosure titles to property for the both those previously foreclosed and for new buyers…

Foreclosure activity was up 323% Dec. 2014 over a year earlier. Please visit for more information and thank you!”

If you want to see the MAAPL bills and accompanying fact sheets right now, go to the MAAPL web site.

After you call, please contact MAAPL at and let us know who you called and what response you got to your request.

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MAAPL Files New Bills for the 2015 Legislative Session

MAAPL has filed nine new bills on Beacon Hill to protect the rights of Massachusetts homeowners against illegal foreclosures and to reduce the number of foreclosures in the state. These bills now have lead sponsors, and MAAPL is seeking additional co-sponsors for them.

NEW: A summary Fact Sheet for all 9 bills is now available: ( PDF )

The bills, with their House and Senate Docket numbers and lead sponsors are listed below.

An Act to Prevent Unnecessary Vacancies  in Foreclosed Homes (HD 3200/SD 920)
Lead Sponsors: Rep. Jeff Sanchez; Sen. Jamie Eldridge
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act to Facilitate Alternatives to Foreclosure (HD 2615/SD 1146)
Lead Sponsors: Rep. Mary S. Keefe; Sen. Harriet Chandler
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act to Establish Foreclosure Review Division of the Superior Court
(HD 3525/SD 1845)

Lead Sponsors: Rep. Aaron Vega; Sen. Thomas McGee
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act Relative to the Improvement in the Process for Collecting Delinquent Property Taxes (HD 1656/SD 895)
Lead Sponsors: Rep. John Mahoney; Sen. Sal DiDomenico
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act to Ensure Reliable Land Title to Bolster Local Home Ownership and Business Creation (HD 3471)
Lead Sponsors: Rep. Benjamin Swan; Sen. Eileen T. Donoghue
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act Relative to Vacant and Foreclosed Property (HD2826/SD 1572)
Lead Sponsors: Rep. Frank Moran; Sen. Barbara L’Italien
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act Relative to the Tax Relief of Mortgage Debt (HD 3219/SD1424)
Lead Sponsors: Rep. Jay Kaufman; Sen. Sal DiDomenico
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act to Require Judicial Foreclosure (HD 486/SD125)
Lead Sponsors: Rep. Frank Smizik; Sen. Timothy M. Kennedy
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

An Act to establish a Resolution Trust Fund (HD 3034)
Lead Sponsor: Rep. Michelle DuBois
MAAPL Fact Sheet on this bill: ( PDF )

Please contact your legislators today to ask them to co-sponsor these bills. The more early support we can get for these bills, the more likely it is that we can get them passed and better protect Massachusetts from the continuing negative impacts of the foreclosure crisis on our communities. The deadline for legislators to sign on as co-sponsors has been extended until Monday, February 2nd, but don’t wait–make the call today!

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2 Weeks Left to Support MAAPL!

2 weeks — that’s how long we have left to raise the funds needed to do vital work towards ending unnecessary and illegal foreclosures in Massachusetts! In 2015, let’s win justice for homeowners, and start bringing home the billions illegally taken through predatory loans and foreclosures by the banks! Let’s support those leading the struggle and reach thousands wronged but not yet involved! Please give to MAAPL’s fundraiser by January 15th, 2015 — any amount will help — and spread the link below to your friends and networks!

Visit to donate now, and do your part to end illegal foreclosures! Thank you for your support!

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Support MAAPL’s First Fundraising Campaign!

The Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) has launched its first online fundraising campaign to fight foreclosures throughout Massachusetts and take back our homes! Visit to learn more.

As with passing or stopping legislation, it’s the hundreds of calls or hundreds of clicks that mean SUCCESS. Whatever amount you give  big or small – your contribution will help put this fundraising campaign over the top. Unlike other forms of fundraising, online campaigns rely on the hundreds of $5 or $10 contributions that REALLY add up! Of course, feel free to make us proud with a $100 donation or even $2,000 to get a gorgeous handmade lap-quilt as a thank-you for your gift!

Why should you support our fundraising campaign? Because…

• September 2014’s foreclosure activity was UP 68% over last year.

• Together all of us accomplished the unheard of task of stopping an industry sweetheart bill that was fast-tracked “behind closed doors”  we STOPPED THE SLASHING of hundreds-year-old homeowner rights to one year to sue to regain your home!

• We have legal challenges to the foundations of the Securitized Trusts, MERS, Freddie, Fannie, and more in the pipeline!

• Under the leadership of our members of color, we are reaching out to connect with hundreds of previously wronged homeowners to bring them back into the fight…

And in the next 3 weeks before Christmas, we will contact hundreds of Massachusetts homeowners facing an auction once we hit our first $3,000! Your generous gift will make that possible.

With your financial support of our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, MAAPL and its homeowner-members will:

• Stop future foreclosures and their destruction of families and communities;

• Contact the thousands of illegally foreclosed homeowners who don’t yet know their rights, give them the legal and organizational support to keep or regain their homes, or to win just compensation for their loss; and

• Bring home the billions of dollars in wealth that the banks’ greedy foreclosures stripped from our communities and local economies.

But we need your participation and support to stop the predatory practices of the big banks and prevent thousands of needless foreclosures in Massachusetts.

Learn more, make your contribution, and get some great perks at our Indiegogo campaign page today! Visit now to support our work.

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Watch MAAPL’s AG Foreclosure Forum Video

Thanks to Democratic Massachusetts attorney general candidates Warren Tolman and Maura Healey; our partners for this Forum: Springfield No One Leaves, Greater Springfield NAACP, ARISE for Social Justice, and OutNow; Alex Richardson, and to everyone who came to Springfield to participate, MAAPL’s AG Community Forum on Foreclosure was a great success!

If you couldn’t make it to the Forum, you can watch our videos of the sessions with both candidates below. Please allow about an hour and 10 minutes to watch all four videos.

Maura Healey:


Warren Tolman:

There’s a Playlist of all four videos available on YouTube. Special thanks to Joe Oliverio for videotaping these sessions and editing the footage.


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AG Candidates in MAAPL Foreclosure Forum this Friday, Sept 5 in Springfield!

The two Massachusetts Democratic Party* candidates for Attorney General have agreed to a Foreclosure Forum with MAAPL and foreclosed families tomorrow at the foreclosed home of Springfield No One Leaves activist, Alex Richardson. Just days before the primary, find out what the candidates for Attorney General will do to solve the ongoing foreclosure crisis!

Download the flyer for this event: Springfield AG Candidate Forum (PDF)

Date/Time: Friday, September 5, 2014; Warren Tolman at 11:00 am, and Maura Healey at 3:00 pm
Alex Richardson
68 Rochelle Street
Springfield, MA

The new MA Attorney General will play a key role in our state’s ongoing foreclosure issues. Foreclosure starts are up 72% over last year – as MAAPL predicted. We have evidence of thousands of illegal foreclosures, and hundreds of thousands of broken chains of title to mortgages sitting in our Registries of Deeds! We need the RIGHT Attorney General for the Commonwealth to address these issues and bring justice to Massachusetts homeowners!

Attend to ask the candidates about their positions – Warren Tolman will be with MAAPL at 11:00 am and Maura Healey will be with us at 3:00 pm in front of the Richardson home.

Warren Tolman’s posted position –

Maura Healey’s posted position:

For more information on this event, please contact Sue Parsons at 617-877-2930 or Grace Ross at

* Republican AG candidate, John Miller, is uncontested in the 9/9 primary. MAAPL will profile his views later.

See you in Springfield on Friday!

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