You Can Save Your Home from Senate #2015!

ForeclosureprotestAt the end of 2015, the Massachusetts Legislature passed, and the Governor signed into law, a bill: An Act to Clear Title to Foreclosed Properties (also known as Senate #2015). However, it doesn’t actually clear anybody’s title to their property. The Financial Industry is going to try to enforce it as a law anyway.

For hundreds of years, Massachusetts residents have had 20 years in which to reverse an illegal foreclosure. Although MAAPL plans to file lawsuits to ensure that Senate #2015 (now known as Chapter 141 of the Laws of 2015) is declared invalid, we want you to take action to ensure your constitutional property rights to reverse your foreclosure are preserved.

MAAPL offers you materials, support, information and guidance on some simple steps to protect your rights, but you must act before December 31st, 2016!


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URGENT: Help Us Reach 70K+ Foreclosed Homeowners!

We have 30 days to reach as many of the 70,000+ folks who were foreclosed in the last 20 years up to 2014, who must file something at the Registry of Deeds by December 31, 2016.

The 120 violations of mortgage and foreclosure law that have been documented means that almost every single one of these foreclosures can be shown to be illegal. But these thousands of foreclosed homeowners will lose their chance to challenge their foreclosure in court unless we can contact them and make sure they know about their rights!

Please join us for a phone banking session THIS Sunday, December 4th!
5:30 pm training, followed by calling until 9:00 pm (or as long as you can!)

We can do the training by Skype OR at our physical location:
WAFT/Pleasant St. Neighborhood Network Center, 301 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA.

RSVP by email at, or just join us!

For hundreds of years, people have had 20 years to reverse an illegal foreclosure. The financial industry, especially the title industry, wants to end the 20 year period. For people who foreclosed more than three years ago, the industry got a law passed saying they must file something (including a court filing if they have one) at their county Registry of Deeds in order to keep their right to challenge their foreclosure.

We can get our hands on literally thousands of phone numbers of foreclosed homeowners who must act soon to protect their rights, and we need YOU to help us call all of them.

For electoral campaigns, hundreds of thousands of calls go out in a matter of weeks. We can and must do this outreach!

Remember that foreclosures have been running at three times worse than the rate of foreclosures in the Great Depression. Tens of billions of dollars of households’ wealth (and stability and health, etc.) have been taken by the banks.

If the December 31, 2016 deadline is allowed to pass without people protecting their rights by filing in the Registry of Deeds, that money—that well-being and stability of our families, neighborhoods and communities—may be irretrievable.  This is a largest wealth grab, especially from communities of color/female heads of household, that has happened since the end of slavery.

Please join the community of volunteers that will not only preserve our hundred years old rights, but begin the process of reversing these illegalities and turning the tide on the wealthiest, most lawless elements of our society.

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Free Foreclosure Defense Clinic on Sunday, Nov. 20th

Mira traduccion abajo…

Ever had a foreclosure on your home in Massachusetts?

You have 20 years to fight, and you have an opportunity this Sunday to preserve those 20 years!

Learn the new developments in winning your home back (or full restitution), and get help with creating the documents you’ll need to preserve your rights to fight for your home in court.

Attend our free Foreclosure Defense Clinic this Sunday, November 20th, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at Northeastern Law School, Dockser Hall 240, 65 Forsyth Street, Boston!

Law students and legal advocates will be available to help you. No fee will be charged for this workshop. Se habla español.

Important: Bring every document related to the mortgage that the lender claimed to have foreclosed on, and the foreclosure documents themselves, to this clinic. You will have completed papers for signing and filing by end of your session in most cases.

People will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Additional clinics will be scheduled, so if you can’t attend this one, please check back for announcements of future events.

It’s urgent that you act before December 31st, 2016 to file your papers! Attend a Foreclosure Defense clinic soon to get the help you need to preserve your rights!

This clinic is offered by the Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL), a non-profit coalition made up of people fighting for their homes and their supporters.

Please re-post this workshop announcement broadly, and help us reach more foreclosed homeowners! For more information, please email or leave a message at 508-630-1686.

Alguna vez le han embargado su casa en Massachusetts?

Ud. tiene 20 años para pelear esta acción hipotecaria, y tiene una oportunidad este domingo, ¡para preservar sus derechos durante los 20 años!

Aprenda sobre los nuevos acontecimientos acerca de recuperar su casa (o ganar una restitución completa).

Este Domingo, noviembre 20, de 3 – 6 pm, en la Northeastern Law School, Dockser Hall 240, 65 Forsyth Street, Boston.

Estudiantes de leyes y abogados estarán disponibles para ayudarle a crear los documentos necesarios para proteger sus derechos a su casa.

Debe traer todos los documentos relacionados con la hipoteca que supuestamente fue embargada; y los documentos de la acción hipotecaria también.

Serán atendidos por orden de llegada.

Tendremos otras sesiones sobre este tema en el futuro.

¡Es urgente tomar acción antes de 31 diciembre, 2016!

La Alianza Contra los Prestamos Usuarios de Massachusetts es una coalición sin fin de lucro, integrada por personas luchando por sus casas, y sus aliados.

La sesión es gratuita.

La mayoría de los participantes tendrán papeles listos para firmar y presentar, al final du su sesión.

¡Por favor comparte esta información ampliamente! Para mayor información, visite la pagina web; mande un correo electrónico a; o deje un mensaje: 508-630-1686.

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Northeastern U Law Students Host MAAPL Training on 10/28/16

Free Training to Help MA Homeowners Fight Their Foreclosure—Law Students from All Schools Invited!

Northeastern Law Students invite you to a training with Grace Ross, Coordinator of the Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL), to learn how to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure or have been foreclosed. Law students and lawyers are welcome to attend!

When: This Friday, October 28, 2016 from 1:00-4:00 pm

Where: Northeastern University, 44 Dockser Hall, Room 44 (Lower Level). Dockser Hall is at the intersection of Forsyth St. and Greenleaf St.

RSVP requested but not required. To RSVP, please contact both Grace Ross (, or leave a message at 508-630-1686) and Lily Ann Ritter, Northeastern law student (

Law students from Northeastern Law School are preparing to volunteer with MAAPL to help homeowners fight their illegal foreclosures. This project is supported by the Mass. Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Download a flyer about this project ( PDF )

There is an urgent need for trained volunteers, since homeowners must take action by the end of 2016 to challenge their foreclosure in court!

Why must homeowners act so soon? Massachusetts legislation was passed during the last session to shorten the statute of limitations for homeowners to fight illegal foreclosures (which is a massive problem in Massachusetts given the housing meltdown and the market crash—over 70,000 Massachusetts households lost their homes since 2005).

Anyone who has been illegally foreclosed between 3 and 20 years ago now has a deadline of December 31, 2016 to file an affidavit with the Registry of Deeds to preserve their right to challenge their foreclosure in court and sue to regain their home.

What’s our role? Law students will learn how to do intake to create these affidavits; this involves meeting with clients, looking over their legal documents, and working with MAAPL’s automated intake system.

How do we get on board? Attend this training to learn basic background information on mortgage and foreclosure law, look at templates for relevant legal documents, and practice client intake procedures.

Once trained, volunteers will come together to meet clients at a group intake session, or take shifts and meet with clients around their schedules (or both).

We must act quickly to help as many people and communities in Massachusetts as possible by responding ASAP because there is an URGENT deadline!

We Hope to See You at This Training! You Can Make a Difference for Massachusetts Homeowners!

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Grace Ross Receives NAACP Award, Starts Fundraising Drive

MAAPL is deeply pleased to announce that the New England Area Conference of the NAACP is awarding Grace Ross–our able coordinator–their highest honor: the Chaney Goodman Schwerner Award for lifelong achievement!


Grace Ross (left) stands with fellow organizers to protest foreclosures in Worcester.

The NAACP didn’t just select Grace for her long-term, unyielding commitment to racial justice. That is a key part of her psyche. They chose Grace because MAAPL–with her leadership–raises up and empowers those whom predatory lenders targeted first and worst: Communities of Color. Together with these communities, MAAPL fights to bring home justice for all: to reverse the illegal loans and the foreclosures that have decimated Massachusetts communities.

The NAACP New England Area Conference Dinner & Award Ceremony honoring MAAPL’s Grace Ross takes place at 6:00 pm on Saturday, Sept. 24th in Beverly, MA. Please contact MAAPL at for more information about this event.

Congratulations, Grace, on this well-deserved honor!

In conjunction with this award from the NAACP NEAC, we are launching an Emergency Fundraising Drive to enable MAAPL and its partners like the NAACP to reach out to the thousands of homeowners—many of them people of color—who have been illegally foreclosed in Massachusetts, and ensure that they know their rights in foreclosure and can take timely action to challenge their foreclosure in court.

74,000 Massachusetts homes have been illegally foreclosed. On January 1, 2017, the foreclosed homeowners’ right to sue to regain their homes disappears.  No one has told these people that they must act now if they are to have a chance of overturning their foreclosure. But you can help MAAPL and its partners get the word out!

You Make the Difference! Please donate to MAAPL’s Bring our Wealth Home Fund today so we can organize in Massachusetts Communities of Color and reach out to foreclosed homeowners across the Commonwealth.  We seek 100 people to donate $74 each to reach our September 30th goal of  $7,400, and 1000 people for our December 31st goal of $74,000! It’s an ambitious goal, but we can reach it with your help.

Your generous gift to the Bring our Wealth Home Fund will bring justice to these communities as measured in the reclaiming of tens of thousands of homes and tens of billions of dollars illegally stripped from homeowners!

Please make your donation online today by clicking the yellow Donate button to the right of this article near the top of the page (look for the Support MAAPL headline beneath the Search box), or you can mail your check (made out to MAAPL) to MAAPL: Bring Our Wealth Home, c/o 10 Oxford St., #2R, Worcester, MA 01609.

Please share this information with your friends and networks through email and social media—simply click the Share button below, and then click the button for your preferred sharing method. The more people we can reach, the more likely it is that we will achieve our goal and be able to save thousands homes lost in the foreclosure crisis.

Thank you for your support! With your help, we can fight and win against illegal foreclosures!

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Action Alert: Stop Lori Cairns’ Eviction This Friday, 8/26/16!


As we all know, foreclosures are spiking again in Massachusetts. The hardest hit city and the hardest hit county is Worcester. And the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team (WAFT) has hit major milestones in its organizing on the ground. In response, the Banks’ lawyers and the Court are targeting WAFT and trying to evict our organizer, Lori Cairns.

Turn Out to Support Lori and Stop the Eviction! Stand Up Against the Banks and the Court!

Date & Time: Friday, August 26, 2016 at 9:00 am.

For the home location and other information, contact WAFT at or 508-614-9238.

WAFT has secured several wins that the Banks’ lawyers are trying to undermine:

  • The private investors who show up at auctions no longer purchase if WAFT is there!
  • All of our work over the years with the Worcester police: they are upholding the law and are not evicting anybody who is not named on an execution, thus allowing us to hold the line on a number of evictions.
  • We stopped five evictions in a 9-day period. We will continue to be able to do that, due to the work we are doing! An older and respectable local constable said that he has never in 35 years heard of anyone ever stopping an execution in any way, and so five in nine days is probably a historic record.

The flip side of all this success is that the Banks have now declared war against WAFT and, by extension, the anti-foreclosure movement in Massachusetts.

Their lawyers in the Worcester Housing Court are accusing WAFT of illegal organizing strategies and activities since January 2016. They scaled up their attack on WAFT in March:

  • They have convinced the Worcester Housing Court Judge to create executions that are not legally possible under court rules (separate from the underlying illegal foreclosures).
  • The Court is consistently discriminating against folks who are disabled, even though we have learned in detail, and are following, all the legal requirements when folks are disabled and cannot represent themselves.
  • The Court has admitted on the record to doctoring the docket so it can get the automated system to produce executions when there is no legal judgment available for them to put into the computer system for the courts.

The Banks are actively attacking WAFT by using the Housing Court, and they have targeted Lori Cairns, our organizer, to evict her from her home, which she has been renting from a supposedly foreclosed homeowner.

The Court has issued an execution that can only be given in a summary process case, even though Lori has never had an eviction case/summary process case. This action is clearly illegal and must be stopped!


The Bank filed this as a preliminary injunction, and are trying to deny Lori’s basic rights to a summary process case. We believe that it is critically important that the Bank Tenant Associations and other anti-foreclosure organizations across the state turn out to protest and stop this action. If the Court and the Banks can start illegally evicting our organizers and undermining everyone’s ability to get work done, we are going to lose this movement and the important gains we’ve made in reversing the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts.

MAAPL and WAFT are calling on anti-foreclosure movement activists and supporters across Massachusetts: Please turn out to stop this eviction! WAFT can be reached at or 508-614-9238.

Together, we can stand up to the Banks and the Court and WIN! Thank you for taking action and supporting Lori Cairns and WAFT on Friday, August 26th at 9:00 am!

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URGENT: Call NOW Through Sunday Night About Bill #H4553

House Bill 4553, sponsored by Rep. Tosado, is at risk of being shut down before it leaves the Legislature’s Housing Committee.  We need you to take action NOW to keep the bill moving!
First, call State Rep. Kevin Honan, House Chair of the Joint Committee on Housing at 617-722-2470 and tell him:
“Hi! My name is ______ and I live in ______. Bill #H4553: An Act to minimize foreclosures and their harm is one sentence that allows municipalities to exert their traditional health and safety powers.  Massachusetts is facing 5,000-10,000 foreclosures this Fall. Municipalities must to be able to act before the legislature comes back in session in January.”
Second, call the Speaker of the House:  617-722-2500 and tell him:
“Hi! My name is ______ and I live in ______. Bill #H4553: An Act to minimize foreclosures and their harm is one sentence that allows municipalities to exert their traditional health and safety powers.  Massachusetts is facing 5,000-10,000 foreclosures this Fall. Municipalities must to be able to act before the legislature comes back in session in January.”
Then call your State Representative if you haven’t already done so, and tell them:
“Hi! My name is ______ and I live in ______. Bill #H4553: An Act to minimize foreclosures and their harm is one sentence that allows municipalities to exert their traditional health and safety powers.  Massachusetts is facing 5,000-10,000 foreclosures this Fall. Municipalities must to be able to act before the legislature comes back in session in January.”
If you know your Representative, call 617-722-2000 and ask to be connected to your Representative’s office.
Don’t know who your State Representative is? Go to and enter your mailing address to find your elected representatives. Click your State Representative’s name to view their contact information.
Thanks for making your calls TODAY! And please share this Action Alert with your networks—The more people who call in support of H4553, the better!
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Action Alert: Call-In Days on July 27-28

IMG_0370The legislative session is nearing a close, and MAAPL and its allies have been working hard to show the leadership in the Legislature that they need to address the foreclosure crisis before the end of this session. Thanks to the actions of our partners and advocates, we are getting the most receptive responses ever from legislators across the board.

With the bipartisan help of Rep. Denise Provost and Rep. Sheila Harrington (a mediator by profession), we got 70 Representatives to sign a letter to Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo saying they want municipalities to be able to enact Pre-Foreclosure Mediation and other programs! Rep. Tosada of Springfield has also “late-filed” a municipal Pre-Foreclosure Mediation bill to pass by Sunday.

We’ve created several ways the Speaker can move Pre-Foreclosure Mediation into law. But time is running short for action:  We have the rest of this week and TWO DAYS of legislative voting on Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st to get our legislation passed! The voices of those directly harmed AND our allies are critical in making the case for legislative action against further unnecessary and illegal foreclosures. It’s up to us to push this through now!

Let’s show our statewide strength: Call Speaker DeLeo and your State Representative on Wednesday, July 27th and Thursday, July 28th. Tell them you want Pre-Foreclosure Mediation made law now!

Use the call-in script below to guide you in making your calls, and then see the further steps you can take below to act in support of our legislation.

Script for Wednesday & Thursday phone calls:
“Hi! My name is ______ and I live in ______. I just phoned the Speaker/my State Representative. Massachusetts towns and cities need Pre-Foreclosure Mediation now. Foreclosures have doubled since last year, and they look to double again this fall. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court said mediation is legal if the Legislature gives permission. Give permission—Make it law this session!”

Speaker DeLeo’s phone number: 617-722-2500

If you know your Representative, call 617-722-2000 and ask to be connected to their office.

Don’t know who your State Representative is? Go to, enter your mailing address to find your elected representatives, and then click their name to view their phone number.

Other steps you can take this week to fight foreclosures:
✓  March the Marble Halls yourself! Join us this week at the State House to go office-to-office (especially on Saturday and Sunday). Contact Grace Ross for more details:; 617-299-5591

✓  Ask your local town and city officials to support this legislation by calling or writing their leaders on Beacon Hill.

✓  Continue sending Letters to the Editor to your local newspaper.

✓  Watch for a possible hearing on Rep.Tosado’s just-filed Municipal Powers bill.

Thank you for taking action today! Together we can end the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts!

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Action Alert: Protest and Press Conf. at State House Tomorrow!

IMG_0370We must raise the visibility of the massive harm of foreclosures, especially illegal foreclosures! Time for a last-minute push for legislation!

This Saturday, July 23rd, legislators will be IN the State House. This is a unique opportunity on a weekend when it should be easier for people to attend and participate.


11:00 am – Gather in front of the State House

We will protest and hold a press conference. We will have materials, and we encourage as many homeowners as possible to walk throughout the State House with us, talking to legislators.

We need an outcry, we need to re-engage the media, we need each other, We Need and Deserve to BE HEARD!

Join us tomorrow morning on Beacon Hill—Together we can win!


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Action Alert: State Rep. Call-In Day Weds. 7/6/2016

It’s crunch time for the rights of Massachusetts residents—and our state economy!

Foreclosures, which destroy lives (this crisis has taught us WHY the Constitution protects equally: “life, liberty and property”), are skyrocketing again—more than twice what they were a year ago. And with the sun-setting of recent legislative protections, foreclosures may double in the near future—rivaling Massachusetts foreclosure numbers in 2009!

Foreclosures literally kill (with 5 times the suicide rate, significant increases in heart attacks, strokes, etc.). Predatory loans that keep households financially underwater also prevent the start-up of small businesses (70% of small business start-ups are funded by mortgages), further destroying the economic well-being of whole neighborhoods and decreasing jobs. Not to mention the inflationary pressure on rents.

And the economic damage that brought down the world economy is still undermining our state!

New laws MUST pass by July 31st.

Our biggest, best hope for stopping this upsurge is pre-foreclosure mediation statewide, which is STILL possible. Second best is for municipalities to be reassured they can pass protections for their residents!

CALL your state Representative this Wednesday, July 6th! (see below how to look them up and find a direct link to their phone number) AND it is fine to also call Tuesday or latest, Thursday morning.

Below is a script to use when calling your Representative:

My name is _______ and I am calling from (your city or town).

Foreclosures have more than doubled in Massachusetts in the past year. If auctions continue to spike as predicted, in the next few months they will reach levels like 2009!

As my elected official, I need you to advocate and vote for major action before the end of your legislative session this month. Banks are evicting homeowners quickly even when the foreclosures are later found to have been illegal.

Pre-foreclosure mediation can end this increase! In Lynn, this program resulted in 97% mutually-agreed affordable loan modifications. This solution will save homeowners and municipalities all over the state, but we need you to act now. Vote for pre-foreclosure mediation.

Vote for Cities and Towns to continue protecting their residents in this historic crisis.


Please pass this call-in day info to all your contacts and networks. We need to spread the word far and wide to make this call-in day a success and let our Representatives know that we need pre-foreclosure mediation now!

Don’t know your state Representative’s phone number or e-mail address? Go to

Type in your address, then click the Show my results button. It will tell you who your elected officials are. Click on your state Representative’s name, and you will see their phone number and email address.

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