Urgent: Call Today to Halt Evictions in MA During Coronavirus Crisis!

MAAPL Call-In NOW!: March 16th (or as soon as you do it!)

Halt Foreclosures & Evictions during COVID-19 Emergency 

Your voice gets results! Call your state Representative & Senator.

Ask each to support HD.4935 &

Halt foreclosures & evictions during the COVID-19 Emergency!

Here’s what you do:

If you don’t know who your state representative and senator are, go to WhereDoIVotema.com. Type in your address. It will tell you whom your elected officials are and their phone numbers. Leave a message if no one answers the phone:

What do I say?

“Hello, my name is                    . I live in name of your town.

Please tell the Senate President & Speaker of the House to immediately pass Rep. Honan & Rep. Connolly’s Bill, HD4935, and halt foreclosures & evictions during this COVID-19 emergency.

In order to be safe and practice social distancing—people need a home!

The foreclosure crisis is still very much with us. Homeowners are fighting 100s of foreclosure auctions throughout the Commonwealth every month. Massachusetts needs this legal protection!

Please, as my Representative/Senator, will you ask the Senate President and Speaker of the House to pass HD4935 now?

Thank you.”

When you have finished the call, e-mail Grace Ross, MAAPL coordinator. Tell her who your Representative/Senator is: maaplinfo@yahoo.com

MAAPL has sent in an amendment to this legislation to add wording to ensure that homeowners get contacted. 

Call today! 

More information below…

Introducing legislation to halt evictions and foreclosures during COVID-19 emergency

State Representative Mike Connolly and Rep. Kevin Honan, House Chair of the Joint Committee on Housing, to file legislation to halt evictions and foreclosures in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.

The text of the bill, HD.4935, An Act Providing for a Moratorium on Evictions and Foreclosures During the COVID19 Emergency, is available here via .pdf file.

In this time of unprecedented concern over the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Governor Baker has declared a State of Emergency and members of the public are being asked to practice social distancing and follow the advice of public health agencies to reduce the spread of the virus.

A moratorium on evictions and foreclosures and related legal proceedings will protect public health and safety by keeping vulnerable residents sheltered, by reducing crowding within the courts and in shelters, and by helping to limit further disruptions and additional strain on our already-fractured social safety net.

The legislation was filed at noontime on Friday, March 13. In addition, the sponsors of the bill are joining with others in calling on Governor Baker and the Courts to use their own authority to halt evictions and foreclosures for the duration of this emergency. To that end, Reps. Connolly and Honan also sent this letter to the Chief Justice of the Housing Court and this letter to the Chief Justice of the Trial Courts.

Your call TODAY can help halt evictions until this crisis has passed. Please call now! Your voice matters to hundreds of families across MA!


The Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) is a coalition of over 60 housing counseling agencies, legal services groups, social service agencies, and community-based social action groups that have joined together to address the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts. MAAPL collects and distributes timely information on the foreclosure crisis and its effects to the public and to its member groups, drafts and supports legislation that provides important protections to homeowners and tenants facing foreclosure and eviction, documents the impact of the foreclosure crisis on local communities, networks with related organizations throughout the Commonwealth, and provides tools and information to help people navigate the legal system and advocate on their own behalf more effectively when challenging a foreclosure or eviction in court
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