URGENT: Call Your State Legislators TODAY to Pass the Housing Stability Act!

Photo of MA State HouseMAAPL Call-In NOW to State Legislators Monday, July 27th, 2020

Add Crucial Language and Pass the Legislature’s Emergency Housing Stability Act!

Your voice gets results! Call your state Representative and Senator, and ask them to get critical changes into the Housing Stability Act!

Good news because of bad! Given the continuing COVID-19 crisis, Governor Baker
has extended the existing moratorium on foreclosures and eviction until October 17th! AND we have a huge opportunity to extend the moratorium longer! But we need your help to make that happen… Call Your State Legislators TODAY!

Here’s what you do:
If you don’t know who your state legislators are, go to WhereDoIVotema.com. Type in your
address and click the Show my results button. It will tell you who your elected officials are.

Look for your State Representative and Senator (they’re listed under District Representatives), and click their names to view their contact information. Write down your state Representative’s and Senator’s names and phone numbers, then make your calls.

What do I say? Leave the message below (Legislators’ offices are empty, but staff
check phones regularly):

“Hello, my name is ________. I live in ________ (name of your town).
Please make critical changes to the Foreclosure and Eviction Moratorium legislation and then pass it as soon as possible!

S2831/H4878, The Housing Stability Act must:

  1. Revise and pass the 12-month eviction and foreclosure moratorium;
  2. Put enforcement in this legislation to address the numerous moratorium violations
    going on. This means:

    • Meaningful fines;
    • Notification provisions sent to the Tenant, Landlord and other associations or groups likely to be affected by or responsible for enforcement of the Act;
  3. Finally, please support the upcoming Anti-Structural Racism and Land Title
    Restoration Act.

Please, as my Legislator, will you fight to protect our homes during this COVID-19 emergency? Thank you.”

When you have finished the call, e-mail Grace Ross, MAAPL Coordinator, at maaplinfo@yahoo.com. Tell her who your Legislators are and that you asked them to get crucial foreclosure language in the Housing Stability Act.

Want to also send the Legislature your “written testimony” on S2831/H4878,
The Housing Stability Act? The Joint Committee on Housing is collecting
people and groups’ opinions and ideas on the Act. They must receive the written
testimony by Noon this Tuesday, July 28th. Type up your story; tell them why
homeowners dealing with foreclosure need the protections above. MAAPL can help you with your testimony. Once you’re ready, send your testimony to: https://forms.gle/z7uEKUeQKWi2ocyD7

Please also let MAAPL know of any moratorium violations you have heard about over the last few months! We have heard some truly horrifying stories, and we know there are more and worse violations being committed and attempted.

Background Information: Anti-Structural Racism and Land Title Restoration Act
MAAPL’s omnibus anti-foreclosure legislation calls out the fact that the banks’
entire predatory mortgage scheme first launched against people of color—as has
been this industry‘s history for many decades. The omnibus legislation combines
all of the most important structural changes and enforcement needed to bar the
industry’s foreclosure and other violations, repair title and reverse the harm of
what has been done to hundreds of homeowners.

To learn more about this bill, download MAAPL’s Fact Sheet ( PDF )


The Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) is a coalition of over 60 housing counseling agencies, legal services groups, social service agencies, and community-based social action groups that have joined together to address the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts. MAAPL collects and distributes timely information on the foreclosure crisis and its effects to the public and to its member groups, drafts and supports legislation that provides important protections to homeowners and tenants facing foreclosure and eviction, documents the impact of the foreclosure crisis on local communities, networks with related organizations throughout the Commonwealth, and provides tools and information to help people navigate the legal system and advocate on their own behalf more effectively when challenging a foreclosure or eviction in court
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