Action Alert! Call the AG’s Office on 1/26-27

MAAPL Members, Friends, and all who care about righting the wrongs of Foreclosure and saving our Constitution…

Please call the Massachusetts Attorney General today: Tuesday, January 26th and Wednesday, January 27th! Your constitutional rights as a voter and a homeowner are on the line.

Remind her that she is the protector of our Constitutional Rights. Maura Healey has ruled against a Voter Referendum to repeal the new state law that curtails our right to sue to regain our illegally foreclosed property. But there are many other constitutional and consumer protection steps she can take.

Ask Maura Healey to fulfill her Constitutional office
and protect our rights now!

  • If you are a voter, your right to revoke this law (we believe) is a constitutional right that she should help us enforce.
  • If you’ve been foreclosed, it was no doubt illegal. Attorney General Healey is the constitutional officer in this state who should be ensuring your constitutional protections to your constitutional right to property. You have a right demand of her to play that role.
  • If you’re a homeowner not in foreclosure, this bill takes away nearly all your protections if anybody tries to take your property illegally through a purported foreclosure (as we know, most of the foreclosures are not even done by the actual bank with the mortgage of the homeowner who they are claiming to foreclose) – so your property rights are also eviscerated by this law. You have a right to call and ask for her protection.

Call Massachusetts Attorney General –
Main Boston Office: (617) 727-2200

If that number is busy, call:

  • New Bedford: (617) 727-2200
  • Springfield: (413) 784-1240
  • Worcester: (508) 792-7600

Use the Phone Script below that best represents you (Voter, Homeowner, Wronged Homeowner):

  • If you have been Foreclosed:
    “Hello, Attorney General Healey,

    “I am an illegally foreclosed homeowner. Please fulfill your constitutional role under Article 10 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. Protect my constitutional right to my property. It has been illegally taken away through the new law, Chapter 141. We elected you because you promised to be the state’s chief Consumer Protection Officer.

    “Your office is responsible for the constitutional protection of my vested rights to my own property. Chapter 141 looks to transfer them to the world’s wealthiest industries. Don’t let your office protect their illegal taking of property. Protect the people of Massachusetts instead. Our Constitution trumps any law passed.

    “I ask you to do everything in your power to protect my violated rights. Uphold our constitution. Reverse Chapter 141.

    “Please email me updates on each step you take, here is my email address [your email address]. Thank you.”

  • If you are a current Homeowner:
    “Hello, Attorney General Healey,

    “I am a Massachusetts homeowner and am current on my mortgage. Why have you let my constitutional rights to property be taken away? I call upon you to do everything in your power to remove the new Chapter 141 Massachusetts law.

    “It wipes out my mortgage protections so anyone can take my home. They can claim a right to the mortgage debt on my home without proof. They can foreclose without proof that I was delinquent or in default. They can violate all foreclosure by sale laws. Until Chapter 141, my protection was access to the courts. Now, the banks can violate all these laws and Chapter 141 protects them, not me. If homeowners don’t know about this new law or can’t get into court, we can lose everything.

    “You are the state’s chief Consumer Protection Officer. Please fulfill the Oath of Office you made to me and the people of Massachusetts. Do everything to return us our Constitutional Property Rights.

    “Please email me updates on each step you take, here is my email address [your email address]. Thank you.”

  • If you are a Voter:
    “Hello, Attorney General Healey,

    “I am a Massachusetts voter. I am deeply worried about the constitutionality of the new Chapter 141 law. It strips access to the impartial interpretation of our rights in the courts. It strips away constitutional property rights. It ratifies the illegal taking of property from the people of Massachusetts – to benefit the world’s wealthiest corporations. It strips more than half the wealth from communities of color and women heads of household. This wealth loss will take generations to repair unless we reverse it.

    “Actively represent me as a Voter. This law guts our Constitution. Make certain it is stopped.

    “Please email me updates on each step you take, here is my email address [your email address]. Thank you.”

Separately, you can also file a Consumer Complaint with the Attorney General:
The link to the actual form is half-way down the page, in purple.

Thank you for speaking out on behalf of Massachusetts homeowners and against Chapter 141!
When We Fight, We Win!

Other ways you can help…

MAAPL is also looking for volunteers for the following important tasks:

  • Phone-bankers to reach the 70K Mass homeowners who have been “foreclosed”
  • Advocates to learn the legal intake process.
  • Activists statewide to protest and stop illegal foreclosures and evictions and interrupt trespass and illegal break-ins by “post-foreclosure buyers” (be on-call for your area of the state).
  • Cash and in-kind donations to support our efforts to reach the thousands of homeowners impacted by this law. Our Donation button is near the top of this web page, in the sidebar.
  • Help us spread the word about Chapter 141 of the Laws of 2015. Share the link for this Action Alert with your friends, family, contacts and networks!

Please use our Volunteer Form to provide us with your contact information and let us know how you’d like to help, and we will get in touch with you soon.

We’re grateful for your help, in whatever way you can contribute. Thank you for taking action, and for your support…

Together we can overturn this bad law and
Bring Our Wealth Home!


The Mass. Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL) is a coalition of over 60 housing counseling agencies, legal services groups, social service agencies, and community-based social action groups that have joined together to address the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts. MAAPL collects and distributes timely information on the foreclosure crisis and its effects to the public and to its member groups, drafts and supports legislation that provides important protections to homeowners and tenants facing foreclosure and eviction, documents the impact of the foreclosure crisis on local communities, networks with related organizations throughout the Commonwealth, and provides tools and information to help people navigate the legal system and advocate on their own behalf more effectively when challenging a foreclosure or eviction in court
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