Information and Resources

MAAPL collects useful data and documents concerning the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts and related topics. Some of this information is posted here to help you educate yourself, support your friends and neighbors, and advocate for justice and an end to the foreclosure crisis.

Pages in this section include:

  • How to Find Your Legislators – Includes links to online search tools to help you identify and contact your State and Federal elected representatives, and other useful information.
  • Background Information – Provides links to basic information and graphics about the foreclosure crisis and its impact on Massachusetts, including maps, documents, charts, and tables.
  • City/County Data – Includes sample Microsoft Word documents you can edit and use to petition your city council or other governing body and propose local ordinances that will help your community fight unjust and potentially illegal foreclosures and evictions, and downloadable reports on foreclosures in Massachusetts by city/town and by county.
  • How To Look Up Your Home and Tax Value on Zillow – Provides instructions for looking up your home’s tax value on the popular real estate website Zillow.
  • Homeowner Foreclosure Defense Project – Contains information about a MAAPL guide (currently in draft form) to help people who have no legal training to research their mortgage documents and find out if there are any legal issues that could be brought to court to contest or prevent a foreclosure or eviction.
  • Organizer Resources (password required) – Includes information specifically for Bank Tenant Associations and other organizations working on issues surrounding the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts. If you are a member of one of these organizations or are starting a Bank Tenant Association or similar group in your area, please contact us for access to this page.
  • Legal Resources for Fighting Foreclosure (password required) – Includes Massachusetts Court information, how to look up your case online, actions to take to postpone or stop an auction, and a list of legal rulings relevant to fighting a foreclosure. This section will be expanded as more information is collected.
  • Fight Your Foreclosure—Get Help from MAAPL – Includes a form to use to request MAAPL’s help with your case and links to other resources you can use.

Some of these pages are password-protected. To gain access to this information, please send a request via email to

Please let us know if this information is helpful, and feel free to request additional information or suggest links and other resources for this section using the Contact MAAPL page. We appreciate your feedback as you put this information to use in your communities and neighborhoods.

Note: We hope to make more of these resources available in Spanish, and to add French translations as demand for this information increases. If you can help us translate our documents, please get in touch with us through the Contact MAAPL page.