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Action Alert: Join Us Tomorrow on the State House Steps!

MAAPL : July 23, 2012 10:49 pm : Take Action!

No more foreclosures, vacancies, lost homes, destroyed neighborhoods or plummeting property values.


  • Your lender’s authorized representative must negotiate with you in person;
  • They have to come to the negotiating table and bring all your papers;
  • And they must consider all your reasonable offers!


Join Us to Rally to Reverse Foreclosures and Keep Us in Our Homes!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
12:00 noon
State House Steps
Rally for Mandatory Mediation, Transparency for Borrowers, Rent Post-Foreclosure


Mandatory Mediation in 23 jurisdictions across the US, including every other New England state:

  • Keeps most borrowers in their homes;
  • Provides a way to explore better resolution even for those who cannot agree on a loan modification;
  • Ensures lenders and borrowers have all the documentation in one place to reach resolution;
  • Will save millions from lost revenues, property values and costs fighting the degradation of our neighborhoods;
  • Will even save lenders from the deeper financial losses of foreclosures.

Join Us At The State House! Together We Can Make a Real Difference!


For more information, contact MAAPL at 508-630-1686 or

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Urgent Action – 6/24/2012

MAAPL : June 24, 2012 11:14 pm : Take Action!

Both the Massachusetts Senate and House have passed versions of the Foreclosure Bill (H.4087/S.2298). NOW we need the best of both versions to come out of the negotiations of their conference committee–especially Mandatory Mediation.


Hi, Representative __________,

I am calling because we need you to please sign on to the Dear Colleague letter that Representative O’Day and 15 additional legislators have sent to your office, and to speak to the conference members for the Foreclosure Bill and to the Speaker of the House.

Specifically, express your strong support for:

  • Mandatory Mediation as added by the Senate–a proven process in all the other New England states.
  • Including language in the Bill to provide:
    • Transparency to homeowners so they understand these new procedures and obligations,
    • Consistency with proven federal standards, and
    • Preserving homeowner rights.
  • A task force to revise legislation to “prevent unnecessary vacancies” and allow homeowners to rent post-foreclosure to ensure future passage of these measures into Massachusetts law.

There has been a 47% increase in petitions to foreclose in this past month compared to the same month in 2011–We, the people of Massachusetts, cannot wait another two years for this legislation! Please call your Representative today and let your voice be heard! It only takes a few minutes to support these provisions that will affect Massachusetts homeowners for years to come.

If you don’t know who your State Representative is, go to, enter your address, and click the “Find My Election information” button. When the Election Information screen displays, scroll down to find the name of your “Rep in General Court”. Click your Representative’s name to view their office contact information and call them directly, or call the State House Switchboard at 617-722-2000, press 2, then press 0 and ask to be transferred to your Representative’s office.

Thank you for your call! Together, we can make a difference!

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED – Vote in Senate on Wednesday, June 6th!

MAAPL : June 5, 2012 11:36 am : Take Action!

Please Call your State Senators on Tuesday, June 5th to support 3 critical amendments to the Foreclosure bill that was just voted out of the Senate Ways & Means Committee today!

Legislation that includes these amendments would really make a positive difference to those facing foreclosure and their communities. The Senate must act NOW if we are likely to see any relief for homeowners in the next two years!


  • Petitions to Foreclosure (the first step in the formal foreclosure process) are up 47% over this time last year.
  • Recent figures show property values dropping again, putting Massachusetts with the fourth highest percentage of homeowners with underwater mortgages in the entire country.
  • If there are no major policy changes, Massachusetts will face another 100,000 foreclosures before this crisis is over!

Right now, we need calls to your Senator! Ask them to co-sponsor and vote for…

  1. Mandatory Mediation (Senator Chandler’s amendment)
  2. Prevent Unnecessary Vacancies – allow homeowners to rent post-foreclosure (Senator Eldridge’s amendment)
  3. An amendment with critical fixes to the Attorney General’s bill, including:
  • Protecting a homeowner’s ability to legally challenge foreclosure, use of Federal standards for eligibility for loan modifications, address the lack of proper notifications to homeowners, and block new loopholes allowing banks to avoid modifications, and
  • Mandatory Mediation, so homeowners can start the process before foreclosure to help get a sustainable loan modification.

We need people to make calls all day on Tuesday through Wednesday morning! Please help by making your call today and helping us spread the word about this important opportunity to amend the Foreclosure bill!


In addition to Calls, the following Actions are planned:

  • Tuesday at 3pm: Press Conference on the State House steps
  • Tuesday at 6pm: Rally, singing, group debrief of bills, and plan for Wednesday. You can bring people food for the night!
  • Stay tuned for further actions on Wednesday!
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Join us for the MAAPL Legislative Briefing on Foreclosure Impacts in Massachusetts!

MAAPL : May 21, 2012 6:45 pm : Take Action!

MAAPL Legislative Briefing
Tuesday, January 31, 2012
from 10:00 am to Noon

Room B-2, Massachusetts State House
Sponsored by the Joint Committee on Housing

44,100 Massachusetts foreclosures since 2007 = 88,000 households threatened. Our state economy loses $4.1B MONTHLY from foreclosures. It’s time to take action to prevent needless foreclosures and save our neighborhoods! This briefing will provide vital facts and figures to support the need for legislative action to stop foreclosures and keep Massachusetts families in their homes. Please join us for this event!

For more information, contact the Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending           508-630-1686

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